Selling Your Insurance Agency – Lots of Upside

Read MKL Agency Broker Google ReviewsWhat would happen if you sold your insurance agency or book of business? Whether you have an eye towards retirement or are looking to start a new business, selling your insurance agency will affect your life in several critical, wonderful ways:

Cash Influx
We find cash buyers for your business. MKL will guide you through the process of not only selling but valuing your business in a way that will help you maximize your profit.

The Next Phase
If you sell your business, you’d be done with the insurance business – but the world would become your oyster. Perhaps you are due for a lengthy vacation or to turn your career of knowledge into a consulting practice? The choice is yours.

Prepare for Retirement
As any good financial adviser will tell you, you need a balanced portfolio in order to protect yourself from risk. Selling your business is a great way to diversify your assets and prepare for the next stage of your life.

How MKL Can Help Your Agency

Coast-to-Coast Presence:
MKL represents insurance agencies and books of business in all 50 states. Why settle for local or regional representation when you have a national presence?

We’re Fluent in Insurance:
We understand exactly what owners like you go through on a daily basis and know what you need in order to achieve success.

This is All We Do
All we do, 365 days a year, is help maximize the value and broker the purchase and sale of insurance agencies and books of business.
That’s it.
We can help you sell your book of business