Selling Your Insurance Agency – Lots of Upside

What would happen if you sold your insurance agency or book of business? Whether you have an eye towards retirement or are looking to start a new business, selling your insurance agency will affect your life in several critical, wonderful ways:

Cash Influx
We find cash buyers for your business. MKL will guide you through the process of not only selling but valuing your business in a way that will help you maximize your profit.

The Next Phase
If you sell your business, you’d be done with the insurance business – but the world would become your oyster. Perhaps you are due for a lengthy vacation or to turn your career of knowledge into a consulting practice? The choice is yours.

Prepare for Retirement
As any good financial adviser will tell you, you need a balanced portfolio in order to protect yourself from risk. Selling your business is a great way to diversify your assets and prepare for the next stage of your life.

How MKL Can Help Your Agency

Coast-to-Coast Presence:
MKL represents insurance agencies and books of business in all 50 states. Why settle for local or regional representation when you have a national presence?

We’re Fluent in Insurance:
We understand exactly what owners like you go through on a daily basis and know what you need in order to achieve success.

This is All We Do
All we do, 365 days a year, is help maximize the value and broker the purchase and sale of insurance agencies and books of business.
That’s it.
We can help you sell your book of business