NOTE: Buyer prospects who have current NDA’s in the MKL System see all opportunities before the ads for these opportunities are posted publicly. Buyers in the MKL System have an advantage over someone who is not in the MKL System… the advantage of early notification. NDA’s are current for 12 months from the date of the NDA. Sign the Confidentiality Agreement.

Confidentiality when Selling or Buying a business
This is the most important item of concern when Selling or Buying a business. Sellers don’t want to alert their employees, customers, suppliers or competitors that their business is for sale and want to be insulated from potential buyers until those buyers are proven to be “real”. Therefore all potential buyers must sign a Buyers Confidentiality Agreement which allows The MKL Team to divulge specific details to these buyers about a specific business opportunity. Selling your business, whether it’s a small business or a large business, is a complex process that for reasons of maintaining business continuity must remain confidential.

Sellers Confidentiality
Some business owners are concerned about disclosing their private business information to a business broker so we have developed a Seller Confidentiality Agreement Form. This form ensures complete confidentiality between the business seller and The MKL Team. You may download the Seller Confidentiality Agreement Form here.