Buyer Directory Admin Shortcuts

Public Pages

Directory Homepage

Public Listings (aka Browse Entire Directory, same page they reach when searching)

Subscriber Login & Forgot Password (returning users)
(*After login, this will provide account summary, account management, order summary, subscription management/cancellation, etc.)

There are other pages of course, such as Request Contact and Create/Edit My Listing, but they should only be reached by starting from one of these other pages.

Admin Pages

Always login here first to authenticate as admin:

After that:

Listings Admin page for cross-referencing contact requests to Entry Keys aka User IDs:

Orders Summary:

Subscriptions Statuses:

Order Reports Charts:

Entries List:

Manual listing direct-entry page:
(*Be sure to leave the ENTRY KEY at the end of the form BLANK!)

User Management:
(*For manually generating new passwords if a user has forgotten theirs.  Search in upper right first)

Subscription Cancellation Management
(*Generates a list of entries which are linked to cancelled subscriptions so that they can be easily deleted.)