Buyer Directory Seller Terms

“Confidentiality Understanding” with MKL Agency Broker (MKL)

There is no cost or fees due from you when MKL finds a Buyer for your Insurance Agency or Book of Business through the “INSURANCE AGENCY BUYER DIRECTORY by MKL” as the Buyer pays the MKL Success Fee upon the finalization and closing of the transaction, after you get paid for your Agency or Book of Business.

When you request to be connected to a potential Buyer, you acknowledge that MKL first provided such information on the Buyer(s) you requested here. In consideration of MKL having provided such Buyer prospect information, you, hereby agree:

1. Buyer is a client of MKL and Buyer has agreed to maintain the Confidentiality of any Party that contacts Buyer through the MKL System.

2. You shall conduct all inquiries into and discussion with any Buyer about which MKL provides information, solely through MKL, and shall not directly contact the Buyer except by prior arrangement with MKL after a connection is made.

3. It should be known that any information Buyer is given about an Insurance Agency or Book of Business, including its availability for acquisition, shall be treated by all Parties as Confidential and Proprietary. Buyer shall not disclose, without prior written permission, any such information to any third party except Buyer’s representatives actively engaged in evaluating the information, and shall obtain the agreement of such third parties to maintain confidentiality.