State Workers Compensation Sites – All 50 States

State Workers Compensation Sites - All 50 States

Workers Compensation Insurance, or worker’s comp as it is commonly known, is a statutory insurance protection provided to workers who are injured in the course and scope of their employment. Workers’ Compensation is called a statutory coverage because workers compensation benefits are established by state statutes (statutory law).

Each state and territory of the United States sets its own workers’ compensation laws. Therefore, covered benefits and benefit levels differ from state to state. However, all workers compensation laws have some things in common. Generally, workers’ compensation in all states provides coverage for medical bills and lost wages for workers who are injured while on the job regardless of fault. So even if an employee is responsible for his/her injuries, workers compensation will provide benefits to the employee. In exchange, workers give up their tort claim rights. In other words, workers give up their rights to sue an employer for an injury which occurs while on the job.

Workers Compensation was intended to reduce litigation between workers and employees while guaranteeing that employees receive timely and adequate medical care as well as reimbursement for lost wages while recovering from an injury. However, many workers hire lawyers and many claims are litigated to determine the amount of benefits owed to an employee.

Since each state sets its own workers’ compensation laws and benefits, each state has its own department or division to handle its workers’ compensation program. Below are links to the departments or divisions that handle the administration of workers’ compensation for each state and territory.

Alabama Alabama Department of Industrial Relations
Alaska Alaska Division of Workers’ Compensation
Arizona Arizona Industrial Commission
Arkansas Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission
California California Department of Industrial Relations
Colorado Colorado Department of Labor and Employment
Connecticut Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission
Delaware Delaware Office of Workers’ Compensation
District of Columbia District of Columbia Department of Employees Services
Florida Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation
Georgia Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation
Hawaii Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relations
Idaho Idaho Industrial Commission
Illinois Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission
Indiana Indiana Workers’ Compensation Board
Iowa Iowa Division of Workers’ Compensation
Kansas Kansas Department of Labor
Kentucky Kentucky Department of Workers’ Compensation Claims
Louisiana Louisiana Workforce Commission
Maine Maine Workers’ Compensation Board
Maryland Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission
Massachusetts Massachusetts Labor and Workforce Development
Michigan Michigan Workers’ Compensation Agency
Minnesota Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry
Mississippi Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Commission
Missouri Missouri Department of Labor
Montana Montana Workers’ Compensation Court
Nebraska Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court
Nevada Nevada Department of Business and Industry
New Hampshire New Hampshire Department of Labor
New Jersey New Jersey Department of
Labor and Workforce Development
New Mexico New Mexico Workers’ Compensation Administration
New York New York Workers’ Compensation Board
North Carolina North Carolina Industrial Commission
North Dakota North Dakota Workforce Safety and Insurance
Ohio Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation
Oklahoma Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Court
Oregon Oregon Workers’ Compensation Division
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Division
Rhode Island Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training
South Carolina South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission
South Dakota South Dakota Department of Labor
Tennessee Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development
Texas Texas Department of Insurance
Utah Utah Labor Commission
Vermont Vermont Department of Labor
Virginia Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission
Washington Washington Department of Labor and Industries
West Virginia West Virginia Offices of the Insurance Commissioner
Wisconsin Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development
Wyoming Wyoming Workers Safety and Compensation